We are people, not numbers.  Capturing and using our behaviors to steal our attention and money is wrong.  This project will disrupt those that collect.

Big Data or Big Brother?

Big data has held the promise of changing the world, by helping to identify diseases, by creating new ways to help people, and to usher us into the future. 

Big data has not fulfilled its promises.  Big data today is a just a way for big corporations to make more money.  As it turns out, helping people and curing diseases does not make money.  Selling products and services does.

“Those who surrender freedom for security deserve neither freedom or security.”


You are a number.  A number that contains information that about what you do, what makes you tick, and what you spend your money on.  Nearly every activity you take part in with technology adds to this portfolio of interests, locations, activities, and friends.  Your number is being sold off continually to companies hoping to make a buck off you.

You Can Fight

I do not consent to being tracked, profiled, and sold.  Neither should you.  Since this data about us is collected without permission with no way to opt out, I created the Phantom Kitty project to make this data as worthless as possible.  If corporations want to build and operate multi-billion dollar data centers that preserve the nonsense this project will create, by all means, go ahead. 


The phantom kitty project is a journey to create a device that will confuse the bejesus out of data collection algorithms.  This device runs completely external to your computer to reduce the chance it can be detected by malware.  It will operate at speeds and patterns that mimic a person and obscure your behaviors and searches in a sea of noise.

This project is not the first type of noise generation, there are some great projects out there.  Check out the other projects page to see them:

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The phantom kitty project seeks a persistent and hard-to-counter path in the fight for our collective digital rights.