Resist the man with these noise projects

Below is a collection of links to active projects that also seek to generate misinformation and send a stream of nonsense to internet service providers and companies that seek to capture and use your data.


Noiszy, by Angela Grammatas, is a chrome extension that executes searches on a pre-approved list of websites, and clicks links or visits other random sites based on chance.  The timing is paced at approximately 1 minute per page to appear that the reader is looking at the page. 

internet noise.JPG

Internet Noise

Internet Noise, by Dan Schultz, is a browser-based search generator that randomly loads browser tabs with random internet searches.  This tool generates a fast continuous blast of nonsense.


ISP Data Pollution

ISP Data-Pollution is, by Steve Smith, is a python script that uses selenium, a program that automates browsers, to generate realistic and random web searches to hide actual browing data. 



Subhref, by Joshua Miller, is a chrome extension that browses two random pages in the background while you browse, creating a conservative steady, flow of noise.