The instructions on this page describe how to make a device that attaches to a keyboard to input keystrokes. I believe this is the most secure way to go about creating internet noise without being able to be discovered, but this may tough to pull for those that do not have the tools or resources to build one of these kits. Although these devices will be further developed in the future, if you want to start taking your browser back without building these, please check out the PK Paw.

Alpha KITty

The Alpha KITty is a list of parts and instructions to build a relatively simple PK that is built from easily-sourced components found online and at your local hardware store.  There are a few parts that need to be 3D printed and will be available for download to print or purchase.  The PK uses an Arduino with an easily customized code that lets you adjust it to fit your needs or adapt it to your ideas.


Parts List

I want this kit to be as straight forward to make as possible.  There are many connections and it is easy to put a wire to the wrong spot and screw up a board of dozens of inputs and outputs.  To help alleviate some errors, I am providing a custom PCB for this project that is available on the store page that works with the parts list below. 

Per Board (recommend 2 boards minimum for letters and required commands.  There are 16 outputs per board.  3 boards will actuate all numbers as well and will be helpful for later builds.  The boards can be stacked or used side-by-side:

  • 1 x PCB - store (feel free to use a breadboard if you like pain)

  • 1 x 17 Pin header - digikey (optional if you want to solder wires to the PCB instead)

  • 1 x DC Power Jack - sparkfun (optional)

  • 16 x N-Channel MOSFET - sparkfun or digikey

  • 16 x Solenoids - sparkfun

  • 16 x Solenoid Holders - store - or, if you have a 3D printer - thingiverse - if you don't, download from thingiverse and print with 3D Hubs

  • 16 x 10K Ohm resistors (pull down resistors) - digikey

  • 17 x 560 Ohm resistors (for LEDs) - digikey

  • 16 x 100 Ohm resistors (gate resistor)- digikey

  • 16 x JST-PH 2mm connector - digikey (optional, these will make your life easier and fit the wires in the store and sparkfun solenoids)

  • 17 x LEDs (get 1 green, and 16 of a different color) - digikey

  • 16 x Diodes - digikey

  • 16 x JST extensions - store - (optional) these will make your life easier with the, feel free to use any old wire

  • 4 x 3/4" Spacers (if stacking) - digikey

  • 4 x #4-40 Screws (if stacking) - digikey

  • 4 x #4-40 Nuts (if stacking) - digikey

  • 8 x #4 washers (if stacking) - digikey

  • 4 x 2-pin female connectors (if stacking) - digikey

  • 2 x 2-pin male connectors (if stacking) - digikey

  • Labels - TBD

Per Kit

  • Keyboard - Parts below are shaped for an HP Model #KBAH21, which also has short key strokes and good for solenoid activated keys. They are inexpensive and available on ebay.

  • 6 x 16" lengths of 1/2" x 1/8" aluminum bar - true value or look at 8' of M-532 at randall

  • Guide Bar Holders - store - or, if you have a 3D printer - thingiverse - if you don't, download from thingiverse and print with 3D Hubs

  • Arduino Mega - arduino

I am just finishing the code and will post when ready.  I am having issues getting an arduino mega make random values with random().  Apparently it is a string so not very random.  I have a hardware workaround if it does not work.

Important note: I make no guarantees on the safety or reliability of this project.  This project should always be run while supervised unless proper precautions are made to provide safety in the case of electrical malfunction or fire.





Beta KITty

Oh the places you'll go...