Global Opt Out?

There appears to be a site where you can opt out having random worthless companies using your data to target adds.

My issues with this site are that:

1) There are 699 companies listed.

2) if you "Opt out of All" it really means "opt out of all with little check boxes" which is 182.

3) You need to manually click on the remaining 517 companies and figure out how to opt out of each of those websites individually (which may not be in English)

4) The "opt out" really means they supposedly won't use your information to provide targetd advertising to you.  But they will presumably still collect everything they can to sell or use elsewhere.

It's a start.  Wait, no, its really not. it looks to be more of a knee-jerk reaction to some sort of regulation and this site doesn't seem effective or usable.  I still am getting targeted adds after opting out, whatever that means...