Guardian Article Explains Common Internet Snoops

An article in theguardian highlights many of the common ways you're being looked at while using some of the most common social and shopping sites. 

Here are some interesting highlights:

  • The Apply Magic Sauce tool can use twitter, facebook, or even just a sample of text to identify your demographics and psychological profile. 
  • Data was used to craft targeted messages to voters that were deemed to be persuadable from psychological profiling of online data.
  • Online retailers use economic profiling to steer wealthier shoppers to more expensive items and in some cases even charge them more than standard shoppers.
  • Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft all track nearly everything you do to send back to their data centers (not really a surprise here).  There are some ways to limit some of the data sent back in privacy settings, which are typically buried and defaulted to share your data as much as possible.
  • Windows 10 is spyware.

Please check out their full article here: