Cambridge Analytica, the Catalyst

It has come to light that company that sells profiling and propaganda products, Cambridge Analytica, has been officially hand slapped by facebook for scraping user data without paying for it.  There are innumerable articles that even venture to state that the crime is the unethical usage of 50 million profiles to help target adds to sway a presidential election.  BONKERS!  This type of data collection and usage is common place and regularly used to influence peoples behavior.  Why do you think the majority of presidential campaigns are in swing states? to influence those that can sway an election.  If you think Cambridge Analytica is the only firm to unethically use data to sway an election, you have been asleep for the past decade or more.  The only "crime" was that they didn't pay for the data and that the data was used to elect a republican. 

All of this is wrong  and unethical, and Cambridge Analytica is just a patsy for countless other data firms doing the exact same thing.  Here's a better idea, stop posting all of your data to facebook and letting them sell it.