Solenoid Driving Printed Circuit Board for Arduino

Creating the circuit board to control the solenoids added a huge room for error and added much time.  The number of connections made it really easy to screw up manually connecting the dozens of components.  To reduce the chance of error and open up making this to all skill levels (all you need to know how to do is solder), I've worked to create a PCB that is specifically  designed to make this project easier.  I'm on the first iteration of the board which is available in the store.  Features are below:

  • 16 arduino inputs
  • Multiple power inputs
  • 16 outputs for driving solenoids
  • 16 leds for indicating a solenoid is being driven
  • 1 power led for indicating the board has power
  • Appropriate diodes and resistors for driving solenoids
  • Connections for stacking the boards to create 32/48/64/or more input/output connections

The board uses a N-Channel MOSFET for switching the solenoids on.  This makes it silent compared to typical relay-type boards, and is much smaller than typical relay boards.